STEM Teachers Pack: Multi-User Licence with 10 School STEM for Windows logins £7500 p.a. no vat
STEM: Interactive Learning Resources. Now available to Schools and Colleges as a multi- user licence (no added vat on eTextbooks) with a free 30-day trial.
Give your Students a more Interesting and Enjoyable way to Study STEM subjects.
Schools email us the name of your school, a unique 8-character password and a single list of up to one-hundred Student/Teacher email addresses. Allow a couple of days before you test your 30-day logins.
STEM: Interactive eTextbooks for your students just £2.13 each Machines
STEM: Online (Mobile) Interactive £4.95 p.m no vat Login
Over a thousand Interactive full colour topics with explanatory text and calculations redrawn for every user change.  
Hi, I have been using this for a while now and love using it, it's so handy for my coursework etc. thanks I would hate to lose it. x
STEM: for Windows £11.95 p.m no vat Launch
IMPORTANT: Online Windows software can only be opened in Microsoft Edge Web Browser.  
STEM: Multi-User Licence (100 Annual online logins) for your School & Students Home Study £5940 no added vat. P.O. for 30-day invoice. Calculated: 100 × 12 months × £4.95/p.m. Provide list of student emails as IDs. Share unused logins with other schools / departments or carry forward. Activated student logins will expire automatically after twelve months. We don't contact students directly.
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STEM: Online (Mobile) Interactive Software  Selection of Interactive topics
Number Systems Computer Hardware Bipolar Transistors Machines
Stock Control Data Analysis Coding Logic Gates
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