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Teachers: STEM eTextbooks for your School and Students Home Study come with Royalty Free Images and Text. To build your own additional Teaching & Learning Resources, simply Copy & Paste the images and text into document, add notes questions etc and distribute to your students, in print or online acknowledging eptsoft as the source.
Also available as eBooks from publishers worldwide. Search eptsoft on Amazon for sample.
STEM: Online Interactive Educational Software £4.95/p.m Login
Over a thousand Interactive full colour topics with explanatory text and calculations redrawn for every user change. No contract, cancel at any time.  

Schools: Give your Students a Personal Login for Home Study and make learning more enjoyable by bringing their textbooks to Life!

STEM: Multi-User Annual Licence (100 mixed Online & Windows logins) for your School & Students Home Study £5995 + vat. P.O. for 30-day invoice.
Hi, I have been using this for a while now and love using it, its so handy for my coursework etc. thanks I would hate to lose it. x
STEM: Windows Educational Software £4.95/p.m Login
IMPORTANT: Online Windows software can only be opened in Microsoft Edge Web Browser  

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