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Science - Technology - Engineering - Maths
STEM: Science, Technology, Maths Computing V11 eTextbook 1500 pages £8.26 on Amazon. Amazon
Enhanced eBooks published in full colour. Including extensive interactive content enabling exploration by inserting any values that would occur in a real situation whereby the graphics are redrawn to reflect those changes. £2.50
Free Online Login for your School & Students!
 Site Licence, eBooks or Subscription provided a permanent access to the Interactive Content
STEM: Online Interactive Educational Apps
A Complete Course for your School Online or Windows
Includes all subject topic menus where students can check their personal progress from the ease in answering the broad TEST YOUR UNDERSTANDING: Questions.
Along with calculations, diagrams and charts all updated for new user values
STEM: Principles V11:  School Site Licence
Optional online upgrade to site licence published by eptsoft (ftp or other install) on your school web-server, for unlimited students on their phone, tablet or PC web-browser across your school and home study. Customised with school name and image. Student logins not required.
One-off lifetime purchase £9.9k no added vat. 30-day P.O or email for details

Physics, Maths & Computing Teacher Shortage –  'Children face being taught physics by unqualified staff' - Daily Telegraph 8 July 22. eptsoft can provide additional support for those less-qualified to teach the STEM subjects with your Site Licence.

Full Site Licence upgrades limited to 200 schools 2022/23
Half-price until September 30
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Accounting Maths Computing Physics Electronics Electrical Mechanics
STEM: Windows Network Licence. With whiteboard display whole class interactive teaching technology. Launch Sample
Note: Windows app only opens in Microsoft Edge web browser
One-off lifetime purchase £9.9k vat free. Incl. Security Certificate and Install options. 30-day P.O or email for details
STEM: Online URL unlimited users, no login  £99 p.m. No contract, cancel any time. P.O. for Annual Invoice. No added vat.
Simply, subscribe and we will email your unique school URL  
STEM: Online Personal User Home Study £4.95 p.m.
Full colour topics with explanatory text and calculations redrawn for every user change. We will email your personal login shortly.
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