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  • Welcome to the eptsoft educational product range: 60 eBooks - 9 Android apps - 6 software titles - 13 paper books.
    Excellent News for 2014!

    'Electronics, Mechanics, Maths and Computing V10' eBookit Best Seller!


    Learn Electronics on your smartphone or just carry around a huge amount of technical information for quick and easy access.


    Learn Mathematics on your smartphone. Ideal for that last minute revision when you have nothing better to do!


    Buy any of these magazine eBooks for £1.95 and get a free unlimited user STEM software site licence for your school RRP £700 ($1120). Thousands of schools worldwide have taken advantage of this fantastic offer!


    Tablets and Smartphone web-apps.

    Click for MyApps

    Page Contents.
    1.) Download the free PC software to accompany your eBooks or Apps using the Wizard.
    2.) Purchase PC software without an eBook with PayPal/card using the Wizard.
    3.) Buy PC software with Mobile or landline telephone.
    4.) Link to Google Play to get your App free accompanying software.
    5.) Contact us for help or if anything not clear.

    Need Help? email we try to respond promptly.

    We sell a great many eBooks, apps  and software downloads every day and problems are extremely rare. Just follow the instructions, but we are here if you need us.

    See below for Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play etc. links, click over images to view contents of over sixty of our eBook titles and Apps.

    Tablet and Smartphone mobile web-apps. Beta versions now available. 

    Your eBook Windows Free download software.


                    Typical Windows screen presentation. Hundreds of interactive topics.

    Developed over twenty years these packages are extremely comprehensive educational software fully updated for the latest Windows 7 & 8 platforms. These include many additional features not available in the eBooks and Apps. For example, some have multiple choice Self-Assessment questions. Students and teachers can Copy & Paste images, text or calculated output into their own word documents. This is how we built the eBook content. Most titles also have an inbuilt BASIC language programmer. Whist initially designed as educational software the extensive calculating Editors mean they are used by many professionals as a source of technical information and formulae, capable of evaluating really complex equations.

    Unlock the FREE Windows PC software downloads for your eBooks or Amazon and Google Play Apps. To avoid this unlocking See Amazon note to the right.

                              eBook 'Windows' Software Unlocking Wizard

    Click Run, you don't need to save this as you only need it once.

    The Wizard is a tool to automatically check your payment receipt, select and install the correct software to accompany your eBook. It does not make any changes to your computer.

    WHY is the wizard necessary? We have over sixty eBook titles available from all the main digital retailers in over fifty countries. WHY don't we use passwords? We do not get copies of your eBook or app purchase and therefore do not know who you are. If anybody can suggest an easier way of achieving the same result we would love to hear from you. To avoid this unlocking See Amazon note to the right.

    eptsoft is an approved supplier to all the major eBook retailers listed below. We do not sell or install applications from any other source other than our own.


    Mobile Web-Apps look just like our eBook pages, but you can enter your own values and the screens are redrawn to reflect your changes. Click for MyApps. See top right image.                           

    Your link is:- from your mobile device web browser.

    When completed you will require your eBook payment receipt to unlock your chosen title. Please retain these emails from the eBook retailers.

    Need help? please contact us, Apps and software are nothing to do with eBook retailers and will not be able to assist you.

    Android Apps from Amazon and Google Play    (Apple devices

      Promotional offer! Buy any one of our Android apps from Google Play or Amazon for just £1.95 ($2.99) and acess all our other titles for no extra charge.

    PLUS: Android apps include the free PC software version the same as for our eBooks. The free PC software download has nothing to do with Amazon or Google Play. Please only contact us if you need help.

    FREE eptsoft Directory app : iPhone / iPad link from device browser

    Amazon Apps      Android Apps

    Compared to our Windows titles, mobile versions of our software have many limitations and so for the very best presentation we can offer please install and run both. Note the software and Apps are provided at no additional charge with your eBooks.

    Many of our eBook titles are also available as HARDCOPY PAPERBACKS, all with free software and App unlocking. Search 'eptsoft' on Amazon.

    Software downloads on Amazon not requiring the Wizard. Some of our software packages shown below are now available for download on for $2.99 Note: These do not require activation with the Wizard and are available for immediate install. Other titles and are awaiting activation by Amazon.

    A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF OUR USERS WORLDWIDE (we have been publishing into education since 1992). If you have found our eBooks, Apps and educational software useful in your studies, your positive feedback to the retailers would be very much appreciated. Unfortunately there is a tiny minority who cannot resist leaving horrible negative comments when they have not contacted us or followed the instructions nor given us the opportunity to help with some minor technical problem on their computer.

    Look out for 'Teacher Packs'. An eBook with App, plus an unlimited user software network licence install for your school. £6.54 ($9.99) RRP £700 ($1120). Full screen presentation for whole class teaching, make student worksheets with default or using your own inputs with a few mouse clicks, add your own text or use our text. Plus much, much more. Installed in schools and colleges worldwide for over twenty years.  

    ONLY WANT THE WINDOWS SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD? Then buy on your phone with a micro mobile (or landline) payment of around € 2,00 or equivalent in your own currency. Software activation with the Wizard is not required. See Zpay links below. If you are in the UK select one of the Euro currencies conversion to sterling will be automatic. RRP £120 ($158)

    Business Studies | Computer Science | Information Technology | Mathematics | Engineering | Electrical | Electronics

    Or you can unlock the software using the Wizard with a PayPal payment receipt. click buttons below.

    To find out more about the software content search 'eptsoft' on Amazon and view the sample eBooks.
















    Business Studies Computing Amateur Radio Maths Electrical Electronics Learn BASIC STEM

    Single User £1.95 ($2.99). RRP £120 ($158) PayPal or card payments accepted. NOTE: Electronics and STEM include most of the content of the other titles except Business Studies.

    Students buy with your phone! € 2,00 or equivalent in your own currency. You don't need a bank account.

    Business Studies



    Electronics Incl. Amateur Radio topics.



    eptsoft eBook Retailer Links.  Click over to find over sixty eBook and technology magazine titles published by eptsoft.

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