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  • Excellent News for 2014!

    'Electronics, Mechanics, Maths and Computing V10' eBookit Best Seller!


    Learn Electronics on your smartphone or just carry around a huge amount of technical information for quick and easy access.


    Learn Mathematics on your smartphone. Ideal for that last minute revision when you have nothing better to do!


    Buy any of these magazine eBooks for £1.95 and get a free unlimited user STEM software site licence for your school RRP £700 ($1120). Thousands of schools worldwide have taken advantage of this fantastic offer!


    Coming soon for tablets and smartphones. Interactive Apps. Just like an eBook, but input your own values and update the images.

    IMPORTANT: These are Microsoft Windows Apps. Tablets and Smart phones will not run Windows software, the devices are not powerful enough (We are working on internet based apps, and hope to have these available mid 2014, see tablet image above). Keep your eBooks receipt and you will also be able to unlock these fantastic applications. Apple users don't wait enjoy the eBooks now get the software later.

    Our Educational Software (FREE with your eBook, unlock software wizard below) titles have been developed over twenty years where many, many thousands of copies are installed in schools and colleges all over the world. They are designed to be used in conjunction with any standard textbook, not just our eBooks. Students can select a topic e.g. Multiplying Fractions for example from the extensive menu options and change any of the numerator and denominator variables to explore the effect on the answer, even showing all levels of simplification. No other educational software comes close to our extensive range of interactive features. Where appropriate a graphical image will also reflect those value changes i.e. trigonometric angles redrawn to scale. This is unique for educational software, most just provide a few standard selectable examples. Ours will accept almost any workable value that would be found in a real situation and why its also used extensively in industry as a huge reference and calculating resource.  RRP = Previously sold Recommend Retail Price.

    Around twenty of our eBook titles are now also available as physical paperbacks. Search 'eptsoft' on Amazon.
    If you have found our ebooks and educational software helpful in your studies, your feedback to the retailers would be very much appreciated.  

    ONLY WANT THE WINDOWS APP? Then buy on your phone with a micro mobile (or landline) payment of around € 2,00 or equivalent in your own currency. App activation with the Wizard is not required. See Zpay links below. If you are in the UK select one of the Euro currencies conversion to sterling will be automatic. RRP £120 ($158)



    Look out for 'Teachers Packs'. An eBook, plus an unlimited user software network licence for your school. £6.54 ($9.99) RRP £700 ($1120)

      Need Help? email we try to respond promptly.

    We sell a great many eBooks and software downloads every day and problems are extremely rare. Just follow the instructions, but we are here to help if you need us.

    How to get the FREE Educational Windows App to go with your eBook. The eBook payment receipt is used to unlock the Free App by generating an Install Release Code. This method of marketing means we can make our software available worldwide and taking advantage of the hugely powerful marketing of Amazon, Google, Apple, Sony, Samsung etc. Simply select your eBook retailer from the links below make the payment and follow the instructions. You don't need an eBook eReader to download the software just the payment receipt to unlock the Install Release Code. Alternatively, see our phone or PayPal options.


    eBook 'Windows' App Activation Wizard


    Business Studies | Computer Science | Information Technology | Mathematics | Engineering | Electrical | Electronics

    Or you can unlock the software using the Wizard with a PayPal payment receipt. click buttons below.

    To find out more about the software content search 'eptsoft' on Amazon and view the sample eBooks.
















    Business Studies Computing Amateur Radio Maths Electrical Electronics Learn BASIC STEM

    Single User £1.95 ($2.99). RRP £120 ($158) PayPal or card payments accepted. NOTE: Electronics and STEM include most of the content of the other titles except Business Studies.

    Unlimited user school site licence. £6.54 ($9.99) RRP £700 ($1120)  Use your PayPal receipt and follow the eBook instructions to unlock the software on the network server.

    Included in Electronics

    Included in Computing

    Students buy with your phone! € 2,00 or equivalent in your own currency. You don't need a bank account.

    Business Studies



    Electronics Incl. Amateur Radio topics.



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