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Low Cost, High Value: 'HOME STUDY' Software, eBooks and Apps £1.95 ($2.99)


As advertised in:- Technology and Science in Education, Nuts & Volts, Practical Wireless,  Everyday Practical Electronics,  Servo, CQ and RADCOM Magazines


Accounting | Computing | Mathematics | Engineering | Hobbies


By Clive W. Humphris M0DXJ: Chartered Member:  Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development


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  Complete Comprehensive Home Study Packs: Educational Software download + interactive Mobile App (Worth £120 ($158). Buy software (link below) for £1.95 ($2.99) and use the payment receipt to activate both the software download and fully open the mobile App.

Which package to buy? Accounting, Computing and Maths packages are dedicated to these subjects, however if your interest is around engineering then it is suggested you buy the STEM title as this includes all the other topics, its a huge package of nearly a thousand screens with self-assessment questions and all the editors. Many development and hobby engineers use this package just to access the huge number of formulae and interactive calculations by inputting there own values. There are also an engineers and maths toolbox, designed for just that purpose included and all for £1.95 ($2.99).

Recommend study approach using the hundreds of interactive topics in software download. First find a topic that interests you and explore how the software works, these can be opened in any order. All topics start with default values. Changes these one at a time and see how the graphics are updated to reflect that change.

This software is designed to be represent  an interactive textbook. It has examples, descriptive text and calculations/graphs that are updated for every change.

You can use the software or app with any standard textbook and bring the book topics to life by inputting the values and explore how the answers are derived, it is an educational package.

Taking advantage of the power of internet marketing of Amazon, Google and Apple enables us to massively slash our prices to a fraction of those previously charged and to give you what is the most comprehensive of all home educational packages for tiny prices.


Educational Teacher Packs:- An eBook with accompanying educational software for your school. Worth £700 ($1050), Site licence for your school for just £6.95 ($9.99) when you buy an eBook from the links above.

A global market for our digital products, eBooks and Apps means we can massively cut the price of our V10 Educational Site licences for the titles shown to the right.

Simply buy the Teacher Pack eBook title of interest and use the payment receipt to download and unlock the software onto your school network or an unlimited number of single user computer across your campus.

Publishing into the education market for over twenty years means thousands of these highly interactive packages have been installed in schools, colleges and universities worldwide and previously costing hundreds of pounds, now yours for the price of an eBook.

A complete technology teaching and study packages with over six-hundred interactive topics for students to explore, providing an interesting and enjoyable approach to learning.

Single integrated install to your school network with unlimited single users across the school campus. All topics open as default values with SI unit conversions.

Whiteboard & Pointer Technology for whole class teaching. All user inputs have single click or pointer operations for disabled users. Refreshed calculations for every value change, bringing any standard textbook to life, students can explore their book equations with 'what if' values.

Royalty free Copy & Paste images and explanatory text using default or your own values into Microsoft Office i.e. Word and PowerPoint for teachers and students.

If you can find better value anywhere then please tell us. Enjoy the software and good luck with your studies.

Instructions to Print your eBook/Student Notes > Visit Smashwords > Search 'eptsoft' > Select and buy your eBook for $2.99 > From your Smashwords Library download PDF version > Download Free Adobe Acrobat Reader and open your PDF download file > Select Print > Select pages to print or All > Select Booklet > Print and you have a hard copy of your eBook.
Some of our feedback comments. Great products and great service from the sellers! - Easy to read nice diagrams best eBook I have purchased - Good for beginners and advanced - This is an excellent refresher. Wish it had been around when I was at college - it has everything I was looking for and help was available whenever I needed it - very good - Was recommended to me by my tutor - well written and it explained in quite a simple style and had lots of information in it written by an expert, so I would recommend it or one of the author's other books, depending on your particular area of interest - it starts at the beginning with simple information and then builds up with some technical formulae - An excellent book - well written and easy to follow. Additional software is useful too - Great book and service Very informative and easy to understand - I ordered this material and I am very satisfied with it. - Enormous volume of information and interactive software for a price anyone can afford - Clive goes beyond the extra mile to answer all inquiries - I highly recommend this study course - At 53, learning a new product is awesome - Enjoy! - Easy to understand - Great for beginners - Thorough explanations and examples are easy to follow and understand. Diagrams are colourful and clear - This book can get you started - very good book - The content satisfy completely my requirements as a teacher of this topics. - The material is presented in order, and the reader who completes the book in that order will have a good understanding - a good selection this book will teach you how to program in BASIC, BASIC is a useful programming language to run small programs- Great tool for learning or at the bench! Great job Clive! Very nice learning tool & handy refresher - Great aid It has really helped me understand the principals and theory - What a great surprise! A lot of great technical details included. I appreciate the interactive pages - Useful Select topic, submits couldn't be easier - I learn a lot with - Great! A great help especially for students - Love it! - Very impressed with  the clarity of the writing - I like the book very much - I got a great book at a great price - Love the product, great book too.

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Choose from over sixty eBook titles on Amazon, Google Play or Apple stores from the logos above.

Containing between 200-400 pages of graphics - explanatory text - calculations with accompanying interactive PC software & apps.

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Using the Wizard is the only way we can think of to get you the software without further payment, unless you contact us we don't know who you are and dealing with sixty eBook titles across as many countries with lots of retailers. We don’t get copies of your book receipts.



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Download directly from Amazon for £1.95 ($2.95), search eptsoft. Or for the equivalent of just 5 Euros in your own currency. Use the 'Pay easily' buttons below, they do not require registration and complete the install to your PC in the normal way. Payment is by mobile or Landline


V10 of our software was published in 2008 fully tested up to Windows 10. Since then we have been publishing eBook versions and more recently mobile apps. V11 of the software is currently in upgrade and will be updated automatically.

Purchase software (Home Study) Download titles as below, eBook purchase NOT required, payment with PayPal or Card receipt using Wizard for Install Release Code £1.95. Previously sold for £120 ($160) on CD format. See screen shots below for full titles. Download before you Buy. We are here to help if you need us.
Accounting Computing Electrical Electronics Maths STEM
    (incl. Mechanics) (incl. Amateur Radio) (incl. GCSE Maths)  

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Educational Site Licence Software (Unlimited User Network Install) Download titles as below, eBook purchase NOT required, payment with PayPal or CardPayPal receipt using Wizard above to generate Install Release Code for just £9.95. No additional charges for your school Previously sold for £700 ($1050) on CD format.

Accounting Computing Electrical Electronics Mathematics STEM
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