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We will pay 100 p.a. or 12 p.m. for each new or updated  listing that appears in the Directory with recurring revenues!


The eptsoft advertisers directory was first published in 2008 and through AgentBase sales agents grew to over 500 Education Advertisers linked websites. Due to the education cuts at that time a couple of years later was regrettably mothballed. eptsoft continued to publish educational Software and eBooks since 1992 into Schools and Colleges.

Now with the huge growth of online shopping and home schooling we have reopened the Directory of Education, Lifestyle and Leisure Advertisers and once again looking for Sales Agents through AgentBase.
After more than ten years three-hundred of the original advertisers are still live in our Directory and in need of updating with a Category Ad. Identified as those appearing after the 'Next Directory Ad Goes Here' marker and ready for you to make contact and invitation. Websites contain contact details and you may like to [remind them they have a long forgotten live Ad in the Directory as your introduction].
What makes the eptsoft directory special is that we use Quarter page, colourful magazine style Ads that we actively promote into schools, through thousands of downloads of Free Educational eTextbooks with an integrated Directory, Membership of BESA where teachers go shopping, LendED free home-schooling resources, Hobbies and  High Street Special Interests magazine advertising.
Sales Commissions are set at 30% of the sale prices with recurring revenues for subscription payments of 39.95 p.m. or 299.95 p.a. The latter includes a 40% discount and the offer of a Free Ad from our designers. As these are subscriptions sales agents will qualify for their share of subsequent advertiser subscription payments thereby the potential of generating a regular income.
There are hundreds of High Street magazine titles published every month that contain potential advertisers wishing to improve their online presence for you to offer an Ad in the Directory. The ones we are currently promoting the Directory in are shown on our home page.
The same applies to Online Directories listed above in the Education sector wanting to sell more into schools. email if you need help.
In our own Directory there are hundreds of live legacy businesses in need of updating with a new Ad and Category listing. Maybe inform the advertiser they will be over-written unless re-listed.
eptsoft Directory advertisers can reach over half-a-million Teachers their friends and families all with Hobbies and Interests outside of School for just 82p a day by joining our Directory of Education, Lifestyle & Leisure Advertisers.

New advertisers are added in date received order with a Page1. and a Category listing for a large discount for an annual listing.

Advertisers will be linked to Teachers and Administrators in all UK Schools, Colleges and Universities through our membership of the British Education Suppliers Association website and to Parents though eptsoft LendED for Home Schooling.

In addition the eptsoft Directory is promoted into the Education Market Free eTextbooks and into the Hobbies market with quarter page magazine advertisements.
How to get paid? Weekly email us an updated list of recent contacts with dates. This is for reference only to protect your work and not used for any other purpose.
Monthly email your invoice containing an accurate list of successful sales including expected recurring revenues from previous sales. These will be compared with eptsoft sales payments received. There is a usual delay from the credit card company of about two weeks after the end of the recorded sales month. This is to ensure all payments are cleared.
Please explore the directory and email in the first instance with any questions. It's in our interest for you to be making lots of money. I look forward to working with you.

Clive W. Humphris Director of eptsoft limited

 www.eptsoft.com : info@eptsoft.com : 01473 231658

 eptsoft is a Member of British Educational Suppliers Association